Democracy's University

Democracy's University
Democracy's University
by J. Hansen, Colorado State University, 2007, 12 1/4 x 9 1/4, Hardbound, 444 pages, ISBN.10-889143-14-6, University Press of Colorado More details...
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For years, emeritus history Professor James Hansen has been researching and documenting Colorado State's past, and now a second volume of his invaluable work has been published. Democracy's University picks up where Hansen's first book left off, with a recounting of the catastrophic flood of July 1997 that tore through campus and caused millions of dollars in damage. Throughout the next 24 chapters, Hansen presents an incisive and meticulously researched narrative that takes readers through the tumultuous times, successes and special challenges that the university faced.
Copies of the first edition, Democracy's College in the Centennial State, A History of Colorado State University, are available for purchase, for $40.